New Fall/Winter everyday makeup:)

My Every day makeup:);)


Hey all! Sorry for not posting anything for a veryyyy long timeee… I was so busy and had barely any time to go blog for the last 2+ months. But today in the morning while i was doing my daily makeup routine, I thought I should blog so I just took pics using my iphone while I was doing the makeup. The graphic wasn’t that good but I think it still showed clearly the steps. And here you go:)

Starting off with my base makeup, I just washed and moisturized and apply sunscreen before anything. And the base was pretty simple. I just apply my Chanel Stick Concealer to hide the blemishes and apply Clinique’s Airbrush concealer under the eyes, on teh nose bridge and on apple of the cheeks. Then I set it with my Chanel Pressed powder.


On to the brows: I like really thin and arched brows, but for daily looks I felt better to be normal and just thicken a bit. I first filled them in with Mac’s Charcoal Brown eyeshadow, then I use Mac’s Girl Boy Brow set to set them. Image

Now on to the eyes:



First, I use #1(Dior’s 5 color eyeshadow Earth Reflection), a shimmer cool tone light pink, on 1/3 of the eyelid to brighten up the inner part of the eyes, I find this technique really works to open up the eyes.

Second, I use #2(Revlon CustomEyes shadow palette Rich Temptations), a muddy tone pink, on rest 2/3 of the lid and down to the outer half of the bottom lid.

Third, I use #3(Revlon CustomEyes shadow palette Naturally Glamorous), a mid tone warm brown, to defined my lid/crease by placing the shadow on and a little above my lid/crease line.

Finally, I use #4(Revlon CustomEyes shadow palette Naturally Glamorous), a reddish brown, to define my lower outer half lash line.

Then, I use my Rimmel’s London Exaggerate eyeliner to line only the outer 2/3 of my eyes, which I found this technique of lining suits me the best since it opens up my eyes better and looks fresher.

And, last, I just apply some mascara, and today I’m using my sample size Benefit They’re Real mascara.



The final eye look with lashes added,which i don’t really put on the lashes on a daily bases, vs my no-makeup eye:)



Now the cheeks:



I first apply Shiseido’s Luminizing Satin face powder in PK107,a pale blue tone pink white powder highlighter, on my cheek bones, apple of the cheeks to highlight. Then, I take my Chanel Powder blush in #72 Rose Initiale, a golden warm pink blush, and apply it on my cheek bones, and sweeping downward and inward to the apples of the cheeks to create gradient transitions. I think this method of applying blushes can add dimensions and create 3D effects to the complexion better than a contour powder/bronzer does.

Last but not lease, the lips;)


Again, sorry for the crappy graphic :/ I use Chanel’s Rouge Coco Lipstick in Chintz, a rosy pinky peachy lipstick, on the whole lips, and the apple Rimmel’s Lipstick in Candy, a soft blue tone pink, on the center of the lips.


Overall, I think my makeup is really simple! And thank you again for reading and being interested of my blog!!! I wish all the best to you and will try to start blogging more often. Plz feel free to post any questions/suggestion on a post for me! Thank you so muchhh!!!! :):) <3<3<3

Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss 56 Imaginaire review <3

Chanel Rouge Allure lipsticks are my favorite lipsticks. They are pigmented, long lasting, and have a nice range of colors. So I give it a shot to their Rough Allure gloss. I do have some disappointing experiences with Chanel’s lipgloss because most of them are not pigmented at all. I tried their aqualumiere glosses and Glossimer. 

ImageAs you can see, the wand is very unique. It is a double wedge dofa applicator and it’s pretty flexible (which can be a bit tricky when applying evenly on to the lips). The packaging is luxurious. Sleek black tube with a gold cc logo top, same style as the Rouge Allure lipsticks. Image

The color comes out as a soft bright pink on the back of my hand. It appears to be pretty pigmented for a lipgloss. There is no shimmer in the gloss. Pure pink. 


The gloss transfered my lips into a sheer pink color with lots of shine. It looks very watery and sheer but still with some pigments. 

here is my bare lips, so that you can see a difference 



Color: 8/10 Very wearable bright pink color, soft but not too nude.

Pigmentation: 6/10 Better pigmentation than other chanel glosses, but still no where near YSL’s and Guerlain’s glosses. 

Texture: 6/10 Very shinny, and feels a little sticky

Lasting: 8/10 Good lasting power, even after 4 hours, the shine is still there

Packaging: 7/10 The tube looks luxurious and very heavy, but the wand is not very practical 

Pricing: 6/10 Not worth the high price tag, the packaging looks good though 🙂 

Overall: 7/10 If you are a Chanel lover, and love pretty looking things, then go for it. The product itself is good quality but you can find something the same quality with lower price.

Here are some glosses that I love and are similar to the Chanel Rough Allure Extrait de Gloss:

-YSL Pure Gloss in pink, my all time favorite! Gone through 2 tubes of it. Super pigmented, but sticky. 

-Guerlain Kiss Kiss Gloss Serum, Favorite gloss, very pigmented, hydrating, not sticky at all, and not very shinny.

Hope you like it, thanks for reading! 🙂


Chanel Rouge Coco Shine #48 Evasion review :)

Hi, we had a nice sunny long weekend in Canada. So my head was still thinking that today was only Monday which is actually Tuesday XP Anyways, hope all of you had a great weekend 😀

Today, I am reviewing one of my favorite Chanel lipsticks, which is the Rouge coco shine in #48 Evasion. I got this awhile ago, and really love the color. 

ImageIn the tube and on the back of my hand, it appears as a nude coral with a brown undertone. However, as you will see below, it becomes more pink once swatched on my lips.

ImageImageAnd here is a photo of my bare lips, just for your references 


As you can see, evasion makes my lips more pink and peachy and shine. It contains slight shimmers but not too noticeable on lips. 

As a typical Rough coco shine, Evasion delivers nice amount of moisture to the lips, sheer pigmentation but you can definitely build it up to a decent coverage, fresh rose scent. Overall, I give it a 9/10, one marks off for the high price:) 

Hope you find it helpful!

DIY Jewelry nails<3

Hey everyone, sorry for long not posting anything :/ 

Today’s post will show you my nails that I did by myself:) Its very easy, and pretty 😛 

ImageImageThis is my real nails, I have relatively longer nail beds, so if you have shorter nails you can just add fake nails.

What I used/steps:

1 Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition Green tea plus bamboo nail strengthener as base

2 Butter London nail polish in Pink Ribbon for all over the nails

3 apply Pink and silver rhinestones  and light pink and white pearls to nails using nail glue

4 go over with top coat, I just used SH green tea plus bamboo nail strengthener as top coat:)

and you’re done! Easy and pretty:) 

And here is just a photo of my bare nails, just for references 🙂


Have a nice weekend:) !!!

Be Brave! An Inspiration from kana Nishino <3

believing in your self and look up to what you truly feel in your heart. even though the life you have or had seems hard and full of disgrace at the moment, but taking little steps by steps and believing in yourself will turn around your life. You might think your heart is crushed, but that is only because you run away and did not see the reality. So never let the rainbow pass you by. Keep trying every time!

                                                                                                      Brave Heart by Kana Nishino
Hi everyone! As you guys know, I am pretty new to this whole beauty blogging community:) And I am just being really amazed by how other bloggers are so friendly and warm to me:) And thanks to all of my followers and people who read my blog<3 

In this post, I want to do something a bit different than my usual beauty posts. I came up with showing you one of my favorite music artist and her makeup look. I love her makeup and also love her personality. She is defiantly some one who has inspired me and her music cheered me up.

Now, introducing you to Kana Nishino 西野カナ:


She is a Japanese singer, so her makeup look is very different from a typical western celebrity. However,I altered the look and made it much more wearable. Her signature appearance is straight long middle-split light brown hair, brown eyeshadows, puppy like eyes, and baby pink checks and lip. However, she does sometimes change her hair into big curls, which is what she was wearing in her first music video that I ever saw, which was the music video that made me know her:)!!

I did a makeup look on Kana’s signature appearance, and altered a bit to make it more wearable during daytime and less girly. And I think it looks very soft and gentle! My version is much less than her’s though XP Anyways, if anyone is interested in my version and want to see how it looked, please let me know and I will do a post on it:) Image

 I know most people like cat-eyes makeup, which is very sexy and elegant. I love them too! However, Kana’s puppy eye look is great for days when I want to be more girly XD And I think it will look great and create a softer look on many non-asians too!

Beside her makeup, I also loved her songs and sweet personality:) I think it is very important for a artist to truly put his/her real emotions into their works instead of just saying the words without any meanings. And Kana is defiantly putting her feelings and efforts to bless her audience with hopes and happiness. 

When I first encountered her, it’s from a friend. His iphone was playing one of her best songs, Brave Heart, which features a Italian japanese artist called Nerdhead, and I was drawn to this song. When I got back home, I searched the music video up on Youtube and totally fall in love with Kana and the song. The lyrics are so meaningful and the melody is absolutely wonderful (sorry for my lacks of vocabs because it is that amazing that I don’t know how to express).

The song is about believing in your self and look up to what you truly feel in your heart. even though the life you have or had seems hard and full of disgrace at the moment, but taking little steps by steps and believing in yourself will turn around your life. You might think your heart is crushed, but that is only because you run away and did not see the reality. So never let the rainbow pass you by. Keep trying every time!

And here are some photos I caught on the MV of Braveheart, she is so cute in every angle:)







You can always go to Youtube and search “Braveheart kana Nishino” to listen to the full version song:)

Some of her other great songs I love are:

Best Friend

If (Ending theme of the 4th Movie of a japanese Manga Naruto, which is my favorite manga,  “Naruto the movie 4th: the lost tower”)

By Your Side

Be Strong


Hope you like this kind of post, please comment below if you want to see my makeup on kana’s look.:) 

Dior 5-color shadow palette 539 Iridescent Leather Review<3

Hi everyone, hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!! 

Today’s topic is going to be on a limited edition Dior shadow quint, which is the 539 palette. Although this is a 2008 fall/winter limited edition palette, you can still find them at some of the airport duty-free cosmetics counters. 

I know a lot of beauty gurus love Dior shadow palettes. However, please do keep in mind that I tend to go for a more soft/natural palette in general so I am not a big fan of Dior shadows. Nevertheless, I will try my best to review this palette without any personal bias 🙂

Now on to the product:


This palette has a really nice soft colors and all the colors go really well with each other. 

ImageThe swatches:

ImageImageAs you can see from the swatches, the colors are: a brown with cool undertone, a peachy pink, a cream white, a soft brown, and a chocolate brown. All the colors contain shimmers and look frosty.

The ratings:

Colors: 10/10 all the colors are very unique and compliment each other well. 

Pigmentation: 6/10 this palette is not pigmentated as other Dior quints. Only the chocolate brown color is well pigmentated. 

texture: 10/10 Very smooth and buttery like all the Dior quints.

Lasting: 10/10 Last for 8-10 hours without a primer and no creasing.

Packaging: 10/10 Signature Dior packaging, with a good size mirror.

Pricing: 7/10 Price is on the higher end, but keep in mind you do get 6g of product. However, there are cheaper palettes that are similar to this (ex. physician Formula Nude eyes palette for only $10.99 or less). 

Overall: 7/10 Is a nice collector’s piece with beautiful colors and its neutral for everyday use. 

Also, most of the Dior palettes i own contains a lot of shimmers, so I guess Dior eyeshadows are generally towards the frosty side. Unlike my Chanel’s eye quads (the baked version) ,which are more toned down and more of a satin finish. So if you are looking for a nice high end shadow palette, you can keep this little note in mind:) 

Thank you for reading, see ya soon:)


Revlon Custom Eyes palette review~

Hey everyone, hope you all had a great weekend<3 

Someone requested a review on one of the items in my last “My everyday makeup bag products” post, and it’s the Revlon Custom Eyes palette. Thank you so much for bringing up the request! ❤ Also to all of you, if you want to see any reviews, please let me know!!

Now on to the product:




The shade I have is NATURALLY GLAMOROUS, which is a very friendly neutral warms. It also comes with a double side sponge applicator, and I personally use it to pack on colors, and then I use a clean MAC shadow brush to blend out the harsh edges. 

Here are the swatches using the applicator sponge:


ImageAs you can see, the palette contains the following colors:

A greyish black with hint of gold sparkles, a warm coppery bronze shade, a warm cream shade with pearls, a reddish brown with gold shimmer, and a medium neutral taupe brown.  All the colors contains a subtle amount of shimmer, and they all have a warm undertone.

The pigmentation and texture slightly differs from color to color. The most pigmented colors are the reddish brown and the coppery bronze (the one next to the grayish black) shades. The sheerer ones are the cream, grayish black and the taupe brown. I usually layer the taupe brown color on top of a Dior’s shimmer pink eyeshadow (Earth Reflection palette, the middle shade) to create a beautiful rosy gold shade. 


Colors: 8/10 very warm earthy colors, good for every day, not too much fun though ;P

Pigmentation: 8/10 the pigmentation varies from different colors, but overall are pretty good.

Texture: 8/10 most of the colors are smooth and soft. However, the greyish black is a bit chalky.

Lasting power: 10/10 stays on the lid without a primer for 8-10 hours.

Packaging: 7/10 comes with an okay applicator, wish it comes with a small mirror. Love the clear case that shows the colors inside. 

Price: 10/10 good price, affordable and you get a lot of products.

Overall: 9/10 It’s a very nice product to have in a every day makeup bag! Love it! 


I really love this palette, I use it everytime when I do my makeup since I bought it. I think its a great compacted version of the Urban Decay Naked Palette.

There are other shades available too. I would love to try out another CustomEyes Palette in Sweet Innocence, which is a pink base palette. 

Thanks for reading it, see you soon!

Favorite Foundations <3

Hi girls,

It was raining and being cloudy for a long time till yesterday the sky had finally turned bright and sunny!!!! yeahhhh!! I just love sunshine!<3<3<3 The weather is getting pretty intense and hot, and when days get hot, most of the ladies’ will start to concern about their face makeup right? XP haha me too. Today’s topic is on my two all time favorite foundations. One is liquid and one is power, and I have purchase them several times.

Here are a short info on my skin type:

I am combination to oily, occasional there will be 1,2 acne breakouts due to menstrual cycle, which leave a red scar for long timeeee:( I am very fair, about NC10 to NC15 in the MAC range, usually go for the lightless shade in other brands with cool undertone.

And here are the foundations:

DiorSkin Nude Natural glow Hydrating Makeup SPF10 and Guerlain Parure Compact Foundation with Crystal Pearls SPF20 PA++


DiorSkin Nude:

ImageThis have been my 4th bottle, and I have a 5th unopened one for back up. I purchase 010 and 020 shades. The right side photo is one pump of the foundation on a blue oil blotting sheet to show you an idea of the consistency, which is pretty runny and watery. Also please keep in mind that this is a water and mineral based foundation, and its also talc-free.

ImageThis photo shows the coverage. I swatch a line of black shadow on the back of my hand( Top), and the shadow barely exist after cover a sheer layer with the foundation (bottom).

The Pros:

-Feels light on the skin, water and mineral based. Good for skin. (Dior official description actually says by wearing this foundation your skin will improve in the long run)

-Good buildable coverage, can add up to full coverage.

-High pigmentation, a little goes a long way. For me, one pump is more than enough for my whole face.

-Not greasy, no oil added to the face. Natural finish. (The foundation is not oil-free)

-Long lasting power for 16 hours (I tested it!) and it actually looks more natural and flawless after 2 hours.

-Nice packaging, come with a pump.

-No breakouts or clogging since its Very Very light (but great coverage)!


-There isnt really much bad about this product 🙂 It could be a bit pricy for some people, but I think It worth every penny!

-Could be a bit dry for the coldest months, just use a good moisturizer.

~ DiorSkin Nude line is all about water and mineral makeup, it is target for hydrating. The line comes with:

powder foundation, which I tried and don’t like it (Its very cakey)

Loose setting powder, never tried

Hydrating concealer, never tried

and recently it also launched a bb cream which the shade is too dark for me:(


On to the Guerlain Powder:


I have 3 of them, and one of them is still unopened for backup.

As always, the Guerlain packaging is luxurious. The golden compact has two “floors”, the top is the foundation, and when you lift the powder up, there lies the sponge.

The highlights for this foundation is that it actually contains tiny glass beads (it’s actually indicate on the ingredient list on the box, I checked it), which I think its pretty cool 🙂

Now the coverage:


The top one is my swatch of black eyeshadow, the bottom one is the shadow being lightly dusted by the powder.

You can see that the coverage isn’t so supreme then the DiorSkin Nude. However, the Guerlain one is expert on diffusing imperfections and make the skin look like the skin has been photo-shoped. So a nice concealer and dust with this powder will do the trick for a porcelain face.

This is a talc-free powder, and it contains a strong signature Guerlain’s rose scent. It gives a semi-matte finish.


-Feel airy and light on the skin, no breakouts or cloggings

-Diffuse imperfections and redness

-Controls oils, not dry, and not cakey at all

-Skin looked photo-shoped if you pair it with a good concealer.

-premium packaging

-High in SPF (SPF 20)


-Very price, but worth every penny:) I got most of mines at air port duty free, which can save some money:)

– Although it comes with 9g of products, it is easily hit-paned.


I think foundation is definitely something that worth the splurge:) If you ladies are looking for a new foundation and are willing to spend some extra $$$, I highly recommend you to go to a counter and test these two out:)


Thanks for reading my blog, <3<3<3

See ya next time!

Review on Chanel rouge coco shine 70 and new mascara

Hey loves, today’s review is going to be on two Chanel products that I’m loving for a long time. They are the Rouge Coco Shine in 70 Sourire and Le Volume De Chanel mascara in 10 Noir.I’m sure most of you have heard of the Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks, which is a line of Chanel’s lipstick that is more like a tinted lip balm. I have a few of these sheer lipsticks and love them all, but this color is one of my favorites. The mascara was a sample and given to me by a nice Chanel counter sales lady when I was purchasing another product from Chanel. I would never buy a mascara at this high price so I wouldn’t had a chance to test this wonderful mascara if it wasn’t that lovely sales lady. So thank you so much! 🙂


Rouge Coco Shine in 70 Sourire. There’s lots of reviews on other colors like Boy, Chance, and Royallieu, but I don’t see much on Sourire. However, it’s a very gorgeous shade. I remembered when I purchased this, I was actually going for another shade, which was Royallieu. But the lady at Chanel told me that Royallieu was sold out, so I looked to the display racks and Sourire just caught my eyes. Under the mall’s lighting, it appeared to be a soft warm pink with gold shimmer. It was almost a peachy shade. But on my lips, it turned out to be more of a fresh pink glow.

ImageHere are the swatches of 2 times (top) and 6 times (bottom):


The color in the tube appears to be slightly peachy, but mostly pink. On 2 strokes, it looks sheer and peachy. However, you can achieve a nice fresh pink for 6 strokes.

Color: 10/10 A very beautiful color for all year around.

Pigmentation: 6/10 This color is not as pigmented as some others coco shines.

Texture: 8/10 very smooth and watery, can feel a bit of the glitter particles.

Lasting Power: 4/10 It last me 1 hour of the shine, and it start to fade and leave a light tint on my lips for 4,5 hours.

Price: 4/10 High price for a sheer pigmentation and poor lasting power.

Packaging: 10/10 Signature Chanel’s classic packaging, the case is very heavy and the metal is cool (means cold) touch.

Overall: 6/10 A wonderful color. If you don’t mind sheer color and love luxury products, go for it!

Now on to the mascara, this was a sample given by the lady at Chanel, and for a sample size, it was quit generous!

It has a plastic huge wand which isn’t what I’ll go for in general. However this is an amazing mascara for a natural false lash effect look. It makes my lashes super full and black, but not so much length.

Color: 10/10 very black and glossy

Pigmentation: 10/10 Intense black

Texture: 8/10 Feels a bit heavy and can clumps up if you apply too many coats

Lasting Power: 8/10 Last whole day with a bit of smudging around the lower lashes at the end of the day

Packaging: 6/10 The wand is very big, so its harder to get around the tiny lashes

Price: 5/10 Very expensive for a mascara

Overall: 7/10 Great mascara but pricy. I might purchase this in the full size, but I still haven’t decided yet.

Thank you for reading! Comment below and I’ll see you soon ❤