New Fall/Winter everyday makeup:)

My Every day makeup:);)


Hey all! Sorry for not posting anything for a veryyyy long timeee… I was so busy and had barely any time to go blog for the last 2+ months. But today in the morning while i was doing my daily makeup routine, I thought I should blog so I just took pics using my iphone while I was doing the makeup. The graphic wasn’t that good but I think it still showed clearly the steps. And here you go:)

Starting off with my base makeup, I just washed and moisturized and apply sunscreen before anything. And the base was pretty simple. I just apply my Chanel Stick Concealer to hide the blemishes and apply Clinique’s Airbrush concealer under the eyes, on teh nose bridge and on apple of the cheeks. Then I set it with my Chanel Pressed powder.


On to the brows: I like really thin and arched brows, but for daily looks I felt better to be normal and just thicken a bit. I first filled them in with Mac’s Charcoal Brown eyeshadow, then I use Mac’s Girl Boy Brow set to set them. Image

Now on to the eyes:



First, I use #1(Dior’s 5 color eyeshadow Earth Reflection), a shimmer cool tone light pink, on 1/3 of the eyelid to brighten up the inner part of the eyes, I find this technique really works to open up the eyes.

Second, I use #2(Revlon CustomEyes shadow palette Rich Temptations), a muddy tone pink, on rest 2/3 of the lid and down to the outer half of the bottom lid.

Third, I use #3(Revlon CustomEyes shadow palette Naturally Glamorous), a mid tone warm brown, to defined my lid/crease by placing the shadow on and a little above my lid/crease line.

Finally, I use #4(Revlon CustomEyes shadow palette Naturally Glamorous), a reddish brown, to define my lower outer half lash line.

Then, I use my Rimmel’s London Exaggerate eyeliner to line only the outer 2/3 of my eyes, which I found this technique of lining suits me the best since it opens up my eyes better and looks fresher.

And, last, I just apply some mascara, and today I’m using my sample size Benefit They’re Real mascara.



The final eye look with lashes added,which i don’t really put on the lashes on a daily bases, vs my no-makeup eye:)



Now the cheeks:



I first apply Shiseido’s Luminizing Satin face powder in PK107,a pale blue tone pink white powder highlighter, on my cheek bones, apple of the cheeks to highlight. Then, I take my Chanel Powder blush in #72 Rose Initiale, a golden warm pink blush, and apply it on my cheek bones, and sweeping downward and inward to the apples of the cheeks to create gradient transitions. I think this method of applying blushes can add dimensions and create 3D effects to the complexion better than a contour powder/bronzer does.

Last but not lease, the lips;)


Again, sorry for the crappy graphic :/ I use Chanel’s Rouge Coco Lipstick in Chintz, a rosy pinky peachy lipstick, on the whole lips, and the apple Rimmel’s Lipstick in Candy, a soft blue tone pink, on the center of the lips.


Overall, I think my makeup is really simple! And thank you again for reading and being interested of my blog!!! I wish all the best to you and will try to start blogging more often. Plz feel free to post any questions/suggestion on a post for me! Thank you so muchhh!!!! :):) <3<3<3

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