Review on Chanel rouge coco shine 70 and new mascara

Hey loves, today’s review is going to be on two Chanel products that I’m loving for a long time. They are the Rouge Coco Shine in 70 Sourire and Le Volume De Chanel mascara in 10 Noir.I’m sure most of you have heard of the Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks, which is a line of Chanel’s lipstick that is more like a tinted lip balm. I have a few of these sheer lipsticks and love them all, but this color is one of my favorites. The mascara was a sample and given to me by a nice Chanel counter sales lady when I was purchasing another product from Chanel. I would never buy a mascara at this high price so I wouldn’t had a chance to test this wonderful mascara if it wasn’t that lovely sales lady. So thank you so much! šŸ™‚


Rouge Coco Shine in 70 Sourire. There’s lots of reviews on other colors like Boy, Chance, and Royallieu, but I don’t see much on Sourire. However, it’s a very gorgeous shade. I remembered when I purchased this, I was actually going for another shade, which was Royallieu. But the lady at Chanel told me that Royallieu was sold out, so I looked to the display racks and Sourire just caught my eyes. Under the mall’s lighting, it appeared to be a soft warm pink with gold shimmer. It was almost a peachy shade. But on my lips, it turned out to be more of a fresh pink glow.

ImageHere are the swatches of 2 times (top) and 6 times (bottom):


The color in the tube appears to be slightly peachy, but mostly pink. On 2 strokes, it looks sheer and peachy. However, you can achieve a nice fresh pink for 6 strokes.

Color: 10/10 A very beautiful color for all year around.

Pigmentation: 6/10 This color is not as pigmented as some others coco shines.

Texture: 8/10 very smooth and watery, can feel a bit of the glitter particles.

Lasting Power: 4/10 It last me 1 hour of the shine, and it start to fade and leave a light tint on my lips for 4,5 hours.

Price: 4/10 High price for a sheer pigmentation and poor lasting power.

Packaging: 10/10 Signature Chanel’s classic packaging, the case is very heavy and the metal is cool (means cold) touch.

Overall: 6/10 A wonderful color. If you don’t mind sheer color and love luxury products, go for it!

Now on to the mascara, this was a sample given by the lady at Chanel, and for a sample size, it was quit generous!

It has a plastic huge wand which isn’t what I’ll go for in general. However this is an amazing mascara for a natural false lash effect look. It makes my lashes super full and black, but not so much length.

Color: 10/10 very black and glossy

Pigmentation: 10/10 Intense black

Texture: 8/10 Feels a bit heavy and can clumps up if you apply too many coats

Lasting Power: 8/10 Last whole day with a bit of smudging around the lower lashes at the end of the day

Packaging: 6/10 The wand is very big, so its harder to get around the tiny lashes

Price: 5/10 Very expensive for a mascara

Overall: 7/10 Great mascara but pricy. I might purchase this in the full size, but I still haven’t decided yet.

Thank you for reading! Comment below and I’ll see you soon ā¤


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