Revlon Custom Eyes palette review~

Hey everyone, hope you all had a great weekend<3 

Someone requested a review on one of the items in my last “My everyday makeup bag products” post, and it’s the Revlon Custom Eyes palette. Thank you so much for bringing up the request! ❤ Also to all of you, if you want to see any reviews, please let me know!!

Now on to the product:




The shade I have is NATURALLY GLAMOROUS, which is a very friendly neutral warms. It also comes with a double side sponge applicator, and I personally use it to pack on colors, and then I use a clean MAC shadow brush to blend out the harsh edges. 

Here are the swatches using the applicator sponge:


ImageAs you can see, the palette contains the following colors:

A greyish black with hint of gold sparkles, a warm coppery bronze shade, a warm cream shade with pearls, a reddish brown with gold shimmer, and a medium neutral taupe brown.  All the colors contains a subtle amount of shimmer, and they all have a warm undertone.

The pigmentation and texture slightly differs from color to color. The most pigmented colors are the reddish brown and the coppery bronze (the one next to the grayish black) shades. The sheerer ones are the cream, grayish black and the taupe brown. I usually layer the taupe brown color on top of a Dior’s shimmer pink eyeshadow (Earth Reflection palette, the middle shade) to create a beautiful rosy gold shade. 


Colors: 8/10 very warm earthy colors, good for every day, not too much fun though ;P

Pigmentation: 8/10 the pigmentation varies from different colors, but overall are pretty good.

Texture: 8/10 most of the colors are smooth and soft. However, the greyish black is a bit chalky.

Lasting power: 10/10 stays on the lid without a primer for 8-10 hours.

Packaging: 7/10 comes with an okay applicator, wish it comes with a small mirror. Love the clear case that shows the colors inside. 

Price: 10/10 good price, affordable and you get a lot of products.

Overall: 9/10 It’s a very nice product to have in a every day makeup bag! Love it! 


I really love this palette, I use it everytime when I do my makeup since I bought it. I think its a great compacted version of the Urban Decay Naked Palette.

There are other shades available too. I would love to try out another CustomEyes Palette in Sweet Innocence, which is a pink base palette. 

Thanks for reading it, see you soon!

9 thoughts on “Revlon Custom Eyes palette review~

  1. They don’t look super pigmented, but overall not too bad for a drugstore palette. You could definitely put these to use with a natural eye look. I like the fact that the shadows are textured. It makes them look a bit more high end.

    • haha yea, it looks supper natural on my eyes! The lighting might be a bit off, but the reddish brown and the copper brown are actually pretty pigmented:) However, the other three are just very sheer and I layer them on top of other eyeshadows. I think this palette is comparable to alot of highend ones:)

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