Dior 5-color shadow palette 539 Iridescent Leather Review<3

Hi everyone, hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!! 

Today’s topic is going to be on a limited edition Dior shadow quint, which is the 539 palette. Although this is a 2008 fall/winter limited edition palette, you can still find them at some of the airport duty-free cosmetics counters. 

I know a lot of beauty gurus love Dior shadow palettes. However, please do keep in mind that I tend to go for a more soft/natural palette in general so I am not a big fan of Dior shadows. Nevertheless, I will try my best to review this palette without any personal bias 🙂

Now on to the product:


This palette has a really nice soft colors and all the colors go really well with each other. 

ImageThe swatches:

ImageImageAs you can see from the swatches, the colors are: a brown with cool undertone, a peachy pink, a cream white, a soft brown, and a chocolate brown. All the colors contain shimmers and look frosty.

The ratings:

Colors: 10/10 all the colors are very unique and compliment each other well. 

Pigmentation: 6/10 this palette is not pigmentated as other Dior quints. Only the chocolate brown color is well pigmentated. 

texture: 10/10 Very smooth and buttery like all the Dior quints.

Lasting: 10/10 Last for 8-10 hours without a primer and no creasing.

Packaging: 10/10 Signature Dior packaging, with a good size mirror.

Pricing: 7/10 Price is on the higher end, but keep in mind you do get 6g of product. However, there are cheaper palettes that are similar to this (ex. physician Formula Nude eyes palette for only $10.99 or less). 

Overall: 7/10 Is a nice collector’s piece with beautiful colors and its neutral for everyday use. 

Also, most of the Dior palettes i own contains a lot of shimmers, so I guess Dior eyeshadows are generally towards the frosty side. Unlike my Chanel’s eye quads (the baked version) ,which are more toned down and more of a satin finish. So if you are looking for a nice high end shadow palette, you can keep this little note in mind:) 

Thank you for reading, see ya soon:)


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