Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss 56 Imaginaire review <3

Chanel Rouge Allure lipsticks are my favorite lipsticks. They are pigmented, long lasting, and have a nice range of colors. So I give it a shot to their Rough Allure gloss. I do have some disappointing experiences with Chanel’s lipgloss because most of them are not pigmented at all. I tried their aqualumiere glosses and Glossimer. 

ImageAs you can see, the wand is very unique. It is a double wedge dofa applicator and it’s pretty flexible (which can be a bit tricky when applying evenly on to the lips). The packaging is luxurious. Sleek black tube with a gold cc logo top, same style as the Rouge Allure lipsticks. Image

The color comes out as a soft bright pink on the back of my hand. It appears to be pretty pigmented for a lipgloss. There is no shimmer in the gloss. Pure pink. 


The gloss transfered my lips into a sheer pink color with lots of shine. It looks very watery and sheer but still with some pigments. 

here is my bare lips, so that you can see a difference 



Color: 8/10 Very wearable bright pink color, soft but not too nude.

Pigmentation: 6/10 Better pigmentation than other chanel glosses, but still no where near YSL’s and Guerlain’s glosses. 

Texture: 6/10 Very shinny, and feels a little sticky

Lasting: 8/10 Good lasting power, even after 4 hours, the shine is still there

Packaging: 7/10 The tube looks luxurious and very heavy, but the wand is not very practical 

Pricing: 6/10 Not worth the high price tag, the packaging looks good though 🙂 

Overall: 7/10 If you are a Chanel lover, and love pretty looking things, then go for it. The product itself is good quality but you can find something the same quality with lower price.

Here are some glosses that I love and are similar to the Chanel Rough Allure Extrait de Gloss:

-YSL Pure Gloss in pink, my all time favorite! Gone through 2 tubes of it. Super pigmented, but sticky. 

-Guerlain Kiss Kiss Gloss Serum, Favorite gloss, very pigmented, hydrating, not sticky at all, and not very shinny.

Hope you like it, thanks for reading! 🙂


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